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  1.  The New Community Bible - Catholic EditionScripture speaks "Without eyes, there is no light, and where there is no knowledge, there is no wisdom." Sirach 3:25, The New Community Bible. Your transformation to acquire wisdom starts with the knowledge of the word of God. Just like you are feeding your body every single day, then you should start feeding your soul every single day with words inspired by Almighty God himself. The New Community Bible - Catholic Edition has all the knowledge you need to start digesting.  Our Lord, Jesus Christ has said it more succinctly when he was responding to devil's temptations, and here's what the Holy Scripture recorded: "But Jesus answered, 'Scripture says; Man cannot live on bread alone, but on every word that God speaks." Matthew 4:4, New Community Bible.

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​​Text Wisdom's mission is to provide an entertaining but faithful and objective exploration of the wisdom behind some popular text speech like: "Less is more" or "Wisdom is better than strength" and "The pen is mightier than the sword" etc. We commit ourselves to do that so that the readers of our site can appreciate and learn why they should become wise and be transformed to live their lives in all fullness. We strongly believe that wisdom, once gained, can help anyone attain any level of success in any situation. In an actual sense, we strive to live up to the Golden Rule that says: Do to others as you would like them to do to you. Similarly, the idea of what we try to accomplish is well-expressed in his biblical quote: “Be instructed, whatever be the cost, and you’ll gain what is better than gold.” Sirach 51:28, (New Community Bible). LM Edward is a university graduate with a keen interest in working hard to finding out a way if any, on how to become wise on-demand, and then share those findings with our worldwide readers.

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"For Wisdom is known by speech"
(Sirach 4:24, NABRE)

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