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    This prayer is quoted from the Bible in the book of Wisdom 8:17-21; and Wisdom 9:1-18 NLT (New Living Translation: Catholic Edition).

Saturday, January 18, 2020

A Prayer For Wisdom

This prayer is quoted from the Bible in the book of Wisdom 8:17-21; and Wisdom 9:1-18 NLT. (New Living Translation: Catholic Edition)

"I pondered these things and weighed them in my mind ---
that associating with wisdom brings
that her friendship is pure delight,
that her activities bring great wealth,
that her companionship brings
and that a person gains respect by
sharing her[Wisdom] words.

Then I went about seeking how I might
get wisdom for my-self.
I was born a gifted child,
and I was naturally good.
Better yet, since I was good,
I was given an undefiled body.
But I knew I could not possess wisdom
unless God gave her to me,
It was a sign of intelligence
that I knew who had given me wisdom,
So I went to the Lord and pleaded with
With my whole heart I said:

"O God of my ancestors and
Lord of mercy,
you have made all things by your
In your wisdom,
you formed people to be masters over creatures you
to rule the world in holiness
and justice,
and to pronounce judgment with
a righteous heart.
Give me the wisdom that sits by your
and do not exclude me from being
one of your servants.
For I am your servant and the son of your
a weak man with a short life
and little understanding of justice
and laws.
Even if there were a perfect human
without wisdom,
he would be regarded as nothing.
You have chosen me to be king of your
and judge over your sons and daughters.
You told me to build a Temple on your
holy mountain
and an altar in the city of your
dwelling place---
a copy of the holy Tabernacle you
prepared from the beginning.
who resides with you, knows your works;
she was present when you made
the world.
She knows what is pleasant in
your sight,
and what is right according to
your commandments.
Send her out from your holy heaven
and from the throne of your glory
so that she may work with me
and teach me what is pleasing to
For wisdom knows and understands
all things;
she will guide me wisely in my actions
and guard me with her glory.
Then my works will be acceptable,
and I will govern your people justly.
I will be worthy of the throne of
my father.
For what human being can know
the counsel of God?
Who can discern the will of the Lord?
The thoughts of mortals are fallible,
and our plans are uncertain.
The mortal body weighs down the soul.
This earthly tent burdens the active
We can scarcely guess at what is on
we struggle to understand
what is within our reach.
So who can search out the things in
Who could have known your plan
if you had not given wisdom
and sent your Holy Spirit from above?
Through them, people on earth
were guided on the right path.
The people were taught the things
that please you,
and they were saved by wisdom.""

I pray with my whole heart,
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.



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