Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How To Stay Calm In The Storm ...

The storm is all around us. The Coronavirus COVID-19 disease which was declared a global pandemic by WHO  has an alarming fatality rate and it instills fear and panic in our daily lives. It sends us to an unchartered territory where the condition is more conducive to storms eruptions. Once free and democratic nations are now locked down. Stock-markets plunge, economies around the world go into a tail-spin, and thousands lose their jobs and their livelihood. 

Relationships break up under the stress, divorce rates shoot up, deadly diseases breakout, and millions across the world slide into debt and poverty for many years to come. 

News of doom and gloom is the flavor of the day, in fact, every single day. 

Everywhere you look, un-certainty, fear, and in-stability reigns.

How do we handle this storm that has come upon us? How do we stay centered even as the world shakes? 

How do we swim while others are sinking and fret?

Here are 8 focused qualities that are powerful solutions to a time of crisis, guaranteed to keep you calm in the storm of life.

1. Have A Willingness To Make And Follow Hard Choices

Crisis forces you to take a realistic look at the bigger picture of your life and make some hard choices to move forward. 

Be willing to do this rather than resist it. 

Make difficult choices if you need to and demonstrate a whatever-it-takes attitude. 

Remember, it takes less energy to get an unpleasant task done “right now” than to worry about it all day.

2. Have A Personal Vision

Having a personal goal of getting out of the crisis, as it will become the light that guides you forward. 

A goal will motivate you and make it easier to take corrective measures while having no goal will just make you drift and lose direction through the crisis. Goals give you power. 

Choose not to waste your precious present life on guilt about the past or concern for the future.

3. Set A Clear Strategy

To reach the goal, plan a clear strategy, and communicate it to others who are a part of it. 

Plan your journey forward and walk the plan. It is a truth that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

Simplify your life! 

Start eliminating trivial things. Also don't major in minor things. 

Eliminate unnecessary commitments.

4. Be Persistent

Probably the key quality to coming out of the crisis is persistence - a determined mind that just never gives up no matter what. 

Once your mind is set, stick to your target with Crab-like persistence, changing only if a better way shows itself. 

Practice consciously doing one thing at a time, keeping your mind focused on the present.

5. Capitalize On Opportunity

There are good even in the worst of times. Every cloud has a silver lining. 

Identify this by looking deeply at how you can benefit in the long term from the current crisis. 

Be quick to spot an opportunity and to seize it to your advantage and make sure it benefits society in order for the opportunity to stay evergreen for a long period of time.

Warren Buffet, the world's best-performing investor, is famously known for making his greatest and largest purchases at a time of crisis when everyone else is selling. 

Welcome change as an opportunity and challenge yourself to learn and grow.

6. Be Patient

Be willing to wait for the reward of your efforts. 

Believe that the strong man is a patient man. 

A crisis has little flexibility for the impatient or the irritable. 

Take time to be alone on a regular basis, to listen to your heart, check your intentions; re-evaluate your goals and your activities.

And If you are self-isolated as a measure to combat the deadly Coronavirus outbreak, then make that time productive by following the above advice. Alternatively, you can also learn online the wisdom of - How To Achieve Maximum Result In Minimum Time - Please click here to check it out.

If your schedule is busy, prioritize your activities and do the most important ones first.

7. Follow Your Vision With Constant And Constructive Action

Take positive and persistent action on a regular basis. 

Even if the results are not fast to come, trudge on ahead towards your goal. 

Take baby steps if you have to, but whatever you do, make sure you are moving ahead all the time. 

The direction you are going in is more important, not the speed. Plan to do something each day that takes you one step forward.

8. Stay Optimistic No Matter What

Scripture speaks: 

"The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again ..." 
Proverbs 24:16, NLT

The night is darkest before the dawn breaks.

Believe that even this shall pass away. 

The sun shines even when the clouds cover it. 

The dark night leads to sun-rise and the day will end in darkness. 

Be aware of the larger movements and rhythms of life and stay optimistic even as you go through this time of chaos and crisis. 

You are bigger than it, and this is not the end of your life; it is just a comma in the sentence of your life, not the full stop. 

Having a positive mindset is the greatest asset you can have in a time of inner or outer crisis.

A fun and life of fullness await you - maximize your potential by weathering the storm.



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