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Being Grateful, Your Liberty And Community Relationship

Do you find your life seems to be a constant whirl of activity where you don’t have time to sit for a minute and just contemplate the good things you have in your personal world? Society today seems to have created a cycle for most of us that necessitate a constant rush from activity to activity with little or no time to be still and appreciate the good things in our lives. If you're caught-up then you've to seek liberty from that vicious cycle.

Many of us need to stop and take stock of what we have, rather than what we don’t have. In order to stop this endless cycle that will eventually burn out or cause some other physical reaction, we've to learn to be grateful for the things we've rather than continuously seeking the things we don’t have. This moment of action will unleash the power of optimism in our lives.

Gratitude is a powerful characteristic to develop. As we focus on gratitude for the blessings that are ours today, we stop taking them for granted. Cicero once wrote, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues, it is the parent of them.” The attitude of never having enough and never being grateful is such a negative attitude; others don’t want to be around it. Yet the opposite is true for the person who radiates gratitude. They usually attract more reasons to be grateful and find more reasons to be grateful.

This attitude permeates every part of their life and is the drive that compels them to undertake the activities scheduled for the day. People who learn to be genuinely grateful for what they already have, they become content and reduces the need to be constantly seeking more. They feel genuine appreciation for other’s efforts and contributions and have energy left over to reach out to others from the perspective of being appreciative of what they already have.

We all know people like this. History has recorded many famous names of people who have learned this important life lesson. We can transform the way we approach our life by developing this characteristic. Writing down each day at least three things to be grateful for, is a great way to cultivate this attitude and taking time during the day to express our gratitude to friends, family, God, or the world. This is a great way to learn to live in an attitude of gratitude even when we are faced with a hectic schedule in our daily lives.

Your Community Relationship

Would it not be so good if everybody could relate with the other without having to fight or using violence? I think the world would have been the best place to be and probably the astronauts would be thinking twice before leaving for space. 
Would it not also be great if no-one had to say mean things to others or break the other people's hearts?

Ibram Xolani Kendi, the author of the book: How To Be An Antiracist, he himself being black he has a deep concern with Black people in general especially those living in America. In one of his writing, he was quoted as saying: "The only thing wrong with Black people is that we think something is wrong with Black people."  

Would it not be true brotherly love if each race on earth would respect and protect another race and consider that the entire humanity is descendants of the one family of Adam and Eve created by God in the garden of Eden at the beginning of all things? 

It is so sad how little people consider humanity to be and this is seen in the many wars that have taken part in different parts of the world. Protest against racial abuse is evidence of bad relationships in our society. It is crystal clear that our relationships are the source of our never-ending problems. If only people could relate well then there would have been no bloodshed, no racism, no lives lost, no homeless people, no orphaned children, no widowers or widows - or to summarize it - there would be no evil.

We keep hearing of nations where peace is unheard of, fighting is always the order of the day, reason being; tribalism, racism or the greed of a leader who is too selfish to accept the fact that his/her ruling time is no longer compatible with the current economic challenges. 

It is such a pity how someone would prefer being filthy rich to help others, how mean is that? It really does not cost anything to share the little you have with the one who has nothing. it’s funny because we do forget that no one knows how tomorrow will be. And maybe, just maybe the same thing would happen to us the next day or to someone we know or close to us.

To solve our issues like the war, we first have to deeply consult ourselves in terms of relationships. Love is a very essential factor in building healthy relationships. Love never fails. For example, you can smile to that stranger who comes to your office looking for a job vacancy; you can properly shake hands with anyone, be friendly to that person who is asking for directions, kindly help the blind find way in the streets or help old people to cross the road safely. 

Still, you can welcome your new neighbor to your neighborhood in a warm and friendly manner, you can donate food and cloth and other unused stuff to the needy, you can do some community work in your area like collecting garbage or do some clean-up. And yes, you can go on and marry that good-behaving, good-looking opposite sex, from another race, if you are deeply in love. You have the liberty to do what is good and not always doing what is evil by default. 

Do not give favoritism, tribalism, religion, or skin color the first priority when you meet someone in an event or when anyone needs your help. Get to know others regardless of where they come from because it is not a place that makes a person rather it is their character and personality. If you put at work your best side by doing all those loving things to others, don’t you think you would change the world? It begins with you!

“For you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus.
 And all who have been united with Christ in baptism have put on Christ, 
like putting on new clothes. 
There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. 
For you are all one in Christ Jesus. 
And now that you belong to Christ, you are the true children of Abraham. 
You are his heirs, 
and God's promise to Abraham belongs to you.” 
Galatians 3:26-29, NLT.

Here's a video by Tom Richey, a good teacher of history. Here he helps us understand the concept of positive and negative liberty. 



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