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Goals, Dreams, And Wishes: Are They The Same?

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This is a question that you may have asked many times, but have not yet received a satisfying answer. Well, wishes, dreams, and goals are not at all the same. They may have near meanings, but there is a difference between the three of them. They are interlinked on the way they come into existence. A person starts to wish for something, then dream about it, and finally set a goal to achieve it and finally bring wishes into reality.

“If you and your children are well and everything is going as you wish, 
I am thankful for my hope is in God.” 
2 Maccabees 9:20, NLT.

Often you have heard someone wishing something. Wishes are those often asked by a person. There can be thousands of wishes of a person. It is something that one desires to have but does not have it yet. There can be an endless list of wishes in a person’s life. It can be from buying a designer dress to almost anything.

On the other hand, a dream is something that a person visualizes someday. It is more like a goal that you visualize. Dreams give a person the motivation to stand up and move forward in life. Without dreams, a person’s life would have found no meaning or taste. In other words, we could say, it's an animated picture of your wishes that are played in your mind.

A goal is a target that a person sets in life. In other words, you can also call it an achievement. However, all these three closely related to each other. They are convertible. As mentioned before only if a person wishes something, then he dreams of that thing; and only if he dreams of that thing, he gets the motivation to set it as a goal. Thus, you see that there is no existence of one without the other. All three complement each other.

Wish makes life colorful. Dream makes a life motivated. The goal makes life purposeful. This is why these three things – wish, dream, and goal are a very important part of life. They help a human being to live happily. These three things help a man to be optimistic and learn about the daily hectic of life.

For instance, many people wish that they had a car, but unfortunately, they do not have the capacity to buy a lavish car. The next step for them is to dream and visualize that they have a car. This will help them to get the motivation to buy a car. Then, they will take the necessary steps to buy the car. Although it may not be possible at once, they have to set, some other goals that will help them make money and finally achieve their goal of buying a car. Thus, everything relates to one another.

In order to achieve the goal, you have to set our eyes on it just as a predator animal, before catching its prey fixes their eyes on the prey. However, keep in mind that you must not forget the principles of your life while you set to achieve the goals. Most people often forget their principles of life and resort to dubious means in order to achieve the target. 

Keep away from them. If you feel that, the goals are not achievable for you, then leave it for the moment and make some other goal in your life that you find achievable for the moment. Some achievements are attained just like climbing a radar. Maybe before you start earning, per year, a 6-figure buck income and above, you need to upgrade your skills first. But it will be ridiculous to force yourself, to do things beyond a reasonable means with the same unskilled, mediocre mind. Get wisdom first. 

Vain and false hopes are for the senseless, 
and dreams lend wings to fools. 
The person who believes in dreams is like one who grabs at shadows and chases after the wind. 
What is seen in a dream is simply a reflection, 
a face looking at itself in a mirror.” 
Sirach 34:1-3, NLT.

“Too much activity gives you restless dreams, 
too many words make you a fool. “ 
Ecclesiastes 5:3, NLT.

Before you ask for a blessing, you should have the merit or qualifications first to enjoy the desired blessing. In rare cases, a miracle may happen but that is beyond the realm of your control. A sure way is to learn to become a resourceful person. 

That being said, then wishes, dreams, and goals are needed to live a colorful life in all its fullness.

after doing all those things, 
I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. 
Your son and daughters will prophesy. 
Your old men will dream dreams, 
and your young men will see visions.” 
Joel 2:28, NLT.

Here's a video by Steve Harvey, he gives two things to help you achieve your goals. After finishing watching it, you'll need to read in your Bible these two verses which he mentioned in the video:
  • James 4:1-3.
  • Habakkuk 2:2-3.



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